With nearly 30 years of climbing experience, coupled with a solid education on the best, evidence-based, research proven methods, choosing MN Sports Performance for strength & conditioning for rock & ice climbing is your best bet!


Understanding what's necessary

Having an understanding of the basic movement patterns, strengths, and weaknesses involved in climbing is the core of how we train clients.  Research has shown that spending time off the rock, working on correcting imbalances and inefficient movement patterns, will lead to much greater advances than simply "climbing more".

What can you expect?

The first step in working with a strength & conditioning professional is a free initial consultation, a chance for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you as well as what you're looking for.  We can't possibly begin to design a plan for a client if we don't have some critical information, including a training history, goals and ambitions, and any history of injuries.

Once we have these basics covered, we'll move on to a first training session, where we can have an opportunity to go through some basic movement patterns and exercises to establish a baseline and starting point.  Nobody wants to start with a trainer and feel as though they're taking a step backwards, and nobody wants a trainer to throw them into complex exercises that are above their ability level.

Going forward we'll start working towards your goals, meeting and training 2-4 times/week, depending on how you would like to set up our plan.