Welcome to the site!

As I work to create this website as a platform for helping people get healthy, reach goals, perform better, and exceed their expectations, I find myself wanting to share with everyone a little about me.  Just a glimpse into how I've ended up where I'm sitting.

25 years ago I completed my last year of high school, and my last season of high school hockey, and looked forward to everything to come in MN.  I was coming out to attend college at Gustavus, and while there continue to play hockey.  It was a continuation of my entire youth spent playing sports, mostly hockey, however I had also recently begun rock climbing with a few high school friends.  One week into my freshman year at college and I spotted another student with the telltale caribiner keychain, he had to be a climber.  Turns out he was (in fact he was going to be starting an internship soon at a new company called Nicros), and he invited me along to climb down in Red Wing.  Turns out to be my first experience clipping bolts as a sport climber, I had only climbed at The Gunks in upstate NY, a very traditional area with nary a bolt to be seen (at the time).

Fast forward to finishing college, I end up getting a job with Nicros myself, as well as some work at Vertical Endeavors in St Paul.  After spending 3 years there, meeting my future wife, and expanding on my knowledge and abilities, my wife and I moved out to Vegas, then eventually landed in Denver.   I managed a climbing gym in Denver, did some guiding, continued routesetting, and ended up working in the entertainment industry as a rigger and stunt designer, including a 6-month stint on Broadway with DeLaGuarda. 

After a move back to MN, two awesome boys, and a little time away from climbing I began a foray into endurance sports, starting with triathlon and completing races up the Ironman distance, then trail running, completing events up to 100 miles in length.  Somewhere in the middle I fell in love with swimming, and completed endurance open water swim events up to 4 miles in length.  During this time I re-discovered strength training as a means towards enhancing sport performance, and decided to make a career of it.  And really jumped into that full throttle, going back to school first for an AAS degree, then completing a double MSc in Sports Performance & Sports Nutrition.

And it all comes back full circle, as I now am preparing for returning to the Vertical Endeavors family, in their new Twin Cities Bouldering & Training gym, helping climbers get stronger, reach goals, and get the most out of their time in the gym!

See you around!