Strength training for running is a great way to correct imbalances and help the body maintain good, efficient running form for longer periods of time.  Think of it this way:  Every muscle action and activity has an opposite, and when all we do is one activity (running, for example) we overdevelop those muscles, which cause postural and mechanical breakdowns, eventually leading to injury.  By incorporating a strength & conditioning aspect into our training, we can help correct posture and muscle issues, which will assist us in avoiding overuse injury as well as boost performance.


So how does it work?  Will this take away from my usual running and training plan?

Adding strength training for running does not need to take away from your ability to run and stick to your usual schedule or training plan.  Two days per week of a simple, 30-minute strength training session is all you need to see noticeable differences in your running performance, and everyday life!  How do we do it in 30 minutes?  Your friends spend hours at the gym and are questioning their results?  We do it because our coaches are efficient, they have a plan, and we know that you value your time and want to be in and out, and on with your day!



Won't I start to look like a bodybuilder and lose mobility?

This is a very common concern and reason why runners avoid strength training.  They fear they'll start adding weight in muscle mass which will slow them down.  The simple answer is no, that's not going to happen.  The long answer is this:  There are different types of program designs for different clients.  If one wants to build muscle mass and look like a bodybuilder, then they'll be doing much different exercises and quantities than a runner who wants to even out their muscle imbalances and gain some muscular endurance.  And really, when it comes down to it, having more muscle mass will result in greater force production and power than before one started, which will assist any athlete in any sport.



Well, how do we get started?

This is the easy part!  Call or email us, or click the button below, and let us know you're interested in learning more.  We start with a free, one-hour consultation where you can ask questions, we can get to know each other, and determine if working together is a good fit.  I promise you will notice a refreshing difference between our approach and professionalism compared to what most people expect out of personal trainers.